This blog was created by enthusiasts of Philippine culture and legends. We thought about finding and collating these legends from many sources and even from accounts made by some people we meet. Living in the provinces is a great advantage as this is where most alamats come from.

The team is made up of 

Daniel Andrei Garcia or "Dannybuntu" is the webmaster and translator (from Tagalog to English) of this blog.

A student of life, who happened to have a degree in Social Science from the University of the Philippines in Baguio. He's also a businessman and an avid freelance writer. He mostly dabbles in blogging about social media, marketing, Internet startups, Philippine business and freelance online jobs, when he's not managing their family business. He is a proud father of four and a happy husband to his wife. 

Lovedy Romero on Google+ is a Bachelor of Arts in Communications graduate from Saint Louis University. She is an office worker by day and a writer by night and a full-time mother to 3 wonderful kids.she is "pilgrim" in search of her own personal legend".

She does the research and the writing for the tagalog alamats while Danny does the translation.

Gene Paul  is an avid automobile enthusiast who is also taking up his Masters in Nursing. He currently works in their own clinic.  

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